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Targeting Fitness & Well-Being

A fitness program like no other. Sgt Banter (Andy) will tour the UK visiting 200 locations offering FREE pop-up Bootcamp Fitness Sessions, Well-Being advice and improved habit forming. All delivered in the great outdoors.


Supporting Mental Health

The benefits of fitness and exercise are well documented when it comes to improving mental health, but this tour will try to highlight wider related issues including loneliness, isolation and other social problems that contribute to heightened anxiety and depression.


Why A Well-Being Tour? 

Andy, ex-military and ex-police officer has lived in his motorhome for nearly 3 years and has struggled with his mental health over the last 20. Through self-management, acceptance and active strategies he has managed to deal with his bad days far better, and make them less frequent. 


Qualifying as a PT later in life after losing nearly 4 stone around 7 years ago, he said it’s time for him to combine some of his passions and hit the road. “I want to spread the benefits of what I have learnt. I love talking fitness sessions and meeting new people so I can’t think of a better way, plus I don’t think it’s ever been done before”.


The Logistics

Starting at Lands End Sgt Banter will spend around 2 years visiting 200 locations across the UK. Including a mix of cities, towns and villages. The whole tour will be documented in a feature length documentary film.


Sessions will consist of Fitness Bootcamps, talks and support on well-being and mental health strategies.


The aim will be to include and connect with local charities, clubs and organisations in sessions so that we are able to try and encourage those that cannot afford to take part in organised exercise or find it difficult for other reasons.


All will be delivered in true Sgt Banter style, with fun and passion.


All sessions are FREE - people can make a donation if they wish and they can afford to do so to help support the tour costs.

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